Add A’s to the list of MLB teams tanking, but thank John Fisher for that

The Oakland Athletics always received the benefit of the doubt. Because they never tried to lose on purpose.

From the Moneyball teams of the early 2000s to the decade under Bob Melvin, the A’s found themselves contending more often than not. Even in the demoralizing Bob Geren years, at least the A’s were trying to compete.

They weren’t tanking. They weren’t like the Cubs, Astros and other teams that slashed payroll to a bare minimum, resulting in subpar teams that piled up losses and thus improved their draft position.

Now it’s official. More than a third of the way into the 2022 season, it is crystal clear. The A’s are tanking.

Let’s rephrase that. Unlike the Cubs, Astros and other tankers over the years, when entire organizations bought into the process, Oakland’s tanking doesn’t involve the baseball operations folks who creatively have gotten the most for their money, more than any team west of St. Petersburg, Fla.

Oakland’s tanking is a one-man show, orchestrated at the very top for purposes that have little to do with baseball and everything to do with maximizing profit and confirming the Coliseum is not viable.

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