Josh Myers the lone constant on Green Bay Packers offensive line

GREEN BAY – The double knee braces are bulky. When he runs, Josh Myers feels like weights are strapped to his legs. They’re inflexible, which of course is their purpose, considering they’re used to prevent his knees from bending the wrong direction.

When Myers reached the NFL a year ago, the last thing he wanted was to wear the double knee braces. After years of using the braces to protect his knees in high school and college, Myers ditched them as he caught up to NFL speed. Then he tore his MCL and fractured his tibia on the first drive at Soldier Field last October, forcing a 10-game hiatus following knee surgery that derailed a promising rookie season.

Myers instantly regretted playing without added knee protection. No, the double braces are not comfortable. Myers said his legs wear out easier. It’s more difficult to bend coming out of his stance. To him, wearing the braces is now just a minor sacrifice.

He doesn’t plan on taking the braces off again.

“After the surgery,” Myers said, “I kind of just decided that one knee surgery was good enough for me. I really didn’t feel like having two.”

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